Question & Answer: Callum Larmouth

We sat down with our new signing Larmouth and found out how the new boy is settling in.

Q1: You have settled in nicely with the squad now, scored your first (2) goals, how good does that feel?

It feels really good to finally break that little run without a goal with two goals on Saturday and hopefully that’s just the start.

Q2: What is your favourite food?

I has got to be, Mac and cheese ?

Q3: Do you have any pre match superstitions?

No not really.

Q4: What are your aims for the remainder of the season? Both with yourself and the team as a whole.

It has got to be to win as many games as possible and for me to score at least 10 goals.

Q5: Who has the worst dress sense in the squad?

I haven’t seen enough of them outside of match day tracksuits.

Q6: Which Football Team do you support?

“ We’ve got BRUNO in the middle “ Enough said.

Q7: How does it feel to play for North Shields FC?

It feels unreal to play with the lads and to also play in front of all the fans as they are something else ??

Q8: What is the best thing about playing for North Shields?

Best thing about Shields again I would probably say paying in front of the fans, the support both Home and Away is special!

Q9: Who has been the best player that you have played against?

Best player I’ve played against Non league wise would probably be Paul Robinson, he’s just technically the best ?

Q10: Which player that you have played with has had the biggest influence on your career?

Personally for me if we are talking played with, would have to be Jay Bates as he is very unselfish and likes to push people to their best, and he done that for me.

Q11: What is your favourite ground to visit as a player?

Would definitely be St James Park I’ve played here a few times and it’s pretty special.

Q12: What is the best goal you have ever scored in your whole career?

I’ve had a few good ones including last weeks ?, but the free kick I scored from halfway line a few season back.

Q13: Who is the biggest influence on your playing style? Who do you look up to?

The player I look up to is definitely Gerrard as he had it all but I also love the way Ronaldo plays and his technique.