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Kyle Patton Q&A Answers

Q1: You have finished your first season playing for North Shields and you have finished top goal scorer, how good does that feel?

It feels really good to have been able to finish top goal scorer in my first season for North Shields. I set myself a target of 20 goals this season and I was able to achieve that, however it is disappointing from a personal standpoint that we were unable to finish the full season. I feel like the team were in a good position to push for promotion and also I was in a good position to push for 25/30 goals.

Q2: What is your favourite food?

It has got to be my Saturday night takeaway food, doner kebab wrap or pizza.

Q3: Do you have any pre match superstitions?

Half way through this season I picked up a habit of being 4th in line when the teams were walking out. I also have my own little ritual after shaking hands before the game.

Q4: What are you looking to improve next season? Both with yourself and the team as a whole.

Next season on a personal level I would like to improve my finishing further so that I am more clinical when chances fall my way. Of course I would also like to improve my penalty record so I don’t miss any (thought I’d get that in before anyone else does lol).
As a team I think overall we had a strong season, maybe improving our consistency of winning would see us in a higher league position. I do think that all of the club would agree that next season we need to do better in both the FA Cup and the FA Vase, personally I would love to go on a long cup run in either of these competitions.

Q5: Who’s got more hair Woody or the rock?

I’ll be fair and say Woody since he has a little bit left and the rock is full on bald. HOWEVER, Woody is massively struggling to cling on to what he’s got left and has very few haircuts left in him.

Q6: Why is your brother far superior than you at receiving Yellow Cards?

He has always been a ball player and tries to kid himself by trying to put in a big tackle and completely misses the ball every time. Needs to stick to what he is good at haha.

Q7: What’s he want for his birthday off Callum?

Everything I’ve asked for he has said no to, so pointless asking.

Q8: When you heard the news about the results being expunged, what was your immediate reaction and how did the lads feel about that?

My initial reaction was disappointment because the lads have put a lot of work in this season to get to where we were and to have it all taken away without any sort of reward was disappointing. However, the clubs decision to keep their records I feel was a nice gesture to acknowledge the effort the players, managers etc. have put in this season. I think most of the lads would share the same perspective as myself on this.

Q9: Which Football Team do you support?

I don’t really watch football too much I prefer playing, if I had to choose a team I would choose the place I have grew up, Sunderland.

Q10: How does it feel to play for North Shields FC?

I really am enjoying my time at North Shields, it feels good to play for a club where there is a great togetherness with all of the people involved with the club, the players and management and the fans. We also have a squad where everyone gets on with each other really well which makes you enjoy playing even more.

Q11: What is the best thing about playing for North Shields?

Meeting some great people and making some good friendships that hopefully last for life.

Q12: Who has been the best player that you have played against?

I don’t really pay much attention to people I play against to be honest. A player that I played against a couple preseasons ago and is doing well for himself now is Junior Mondal. I think he is up there with the best I’ve played against that I can remember.

Q13: Which player that you have played with has had the biggest influence on your career?

My brother, from being a kid I have always been pushing myself to achieve things that he has achieved in the game which has made me a better player. He has also watched me from a young age so has always been there giving me advice throughout my career. Being on the same team as him always helps as he constantly talks to me throughout games telling me things that I can improve upon and he understands my strengths and weaknesses better than anyone.

Q14: How have you been keeping busy during the Lockdown?

It has been a struggle but Xbox and kicking my ball around in the garden has helped!

Q15: What is your favourite ground to visit as a player?

I haven’t had the pleasure of playing at any real big stadiums. I have played at some really nice grounds though like Loughborough for the uni team and Barnsley for college. My favourite at northern league level is definitely Bishop Auckland.

Q16: What is the best goal you have ever scored in your whole career?

As a kid I scored a few belters but as I’ve gotten older I seem to have turned into a tap in merchant. My favourite in senior football is probably my first goal vs West Auckland when I played for Whitley bay, unfortunately there is no video evidence of it. P.S I got my first northern league hatrick in this game.

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  1. Bob Scott

    Good idea to do do this Q&A look forward to the next one well done the media team